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Final Water Resources Planning Report

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Please click links below to view final Water Resources Planning Report and appendices. 

WRP Report - Main Body

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All Appendices

Appendix 1 - WRP Advisory Committee Charter

Appendix 2 - Key Challenges Facing the District

Appendix 3 - Overview of District Water Rights

Appendix 4 - Legal Opinion on Proposed Recommendations 

Appendix 5 - Summary of Feedback on Eleven Meetings

Appendix 6 - Water Workshop Materials

Appendix 7 - Raptools Presentation to the AC


Public Input Form:

The Distric invites your input and suggestions on the Implementation Plan as well as any ideas regarding using or selling water.  Please provide your input by filling out the input form and fax it to 707-443-5731 or by emailing it to wrpinput@hbmwd.com.  Click the following icon to access the input form.

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