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Water Resource Planning - Draft Implementation Plan                                                   

Click on the graphic to the left to view the District's  "Implementation Plan to Evaluate and Advance Recommended Water-Use Options." 

Public Input Form:  The District invites your input and suggestions on the Implementation Plan as well as any ideas regarding using or selling water.  Please provide your input by filling out the input form and fax it to 707-443-5731 or by emailing it to wrpinput@hbmwd.com.  Click the following icon to access the input form. 

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Water Resource Planning Process

The District and Advisory Committee completed a thoughtful, community-based planning process over a 15-month period to address issues facing the District and our community.  The planning process addresses two key issues: 1) the District's ageing infrastructure, since the regional water system is 50 years old; and 2) implications stemming from loss of the District's industrial customer base (since both pulp mills are permanently shuttered).  Awareness of our issues was raised and valuable input received from stakeholder groups and the public.  Last fall the Advisory Committee presented their findings and recommendations to the District in a comprehensive report (click here for the report).  Given the Advisory Committee's recommendations, the Board segmented the recommended water-use options into two tiers.  The District will pursue the top-tier options before pursuing second-tier options.  The top-tier options are ones the District will actively consider, evaluate, and as appropriate, pursue.  The top-tier options are: 

a)  local commercial/industrial or agricultural water sales (this includes other options, like aquaculture, which were recommended by the ac).

b)  transfer of available water to another public agency for an authorized beneficial use (e.g. municipal, industrial, environmental, etc).  this would only be done in a manner that is fully protective of our local community interests and takes into account priorities outlined by the public during the flow outreach process.

c)  dedicating some portion of the available water (which for much of the year would otherwise be in storage at ruth reservoir) for in-stream flows.  this would only be done if there are defined environmental benefits and financial support for conducting necessary studies.

More discussion of the top-tier options can be found in the District's "Implementation Plan to Evaluate and Advance Recommended Water-Use Options." 

Click on the graphic below to view the Advisory Committee's Final Report on Recommendations for Water Use Options.

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Materials to learn more about the Issue: 

1)  About the District & Its Situation - Explore the Water Resources Planning Presentation in 2 formats; as a printable file or as a presentation with audio. 

2)  About the Process to Address HBMWD's Issue - Overview and brief description of Water Resources Planning process.

3)  Other Relevent Information - Overview of California Water Law and beneficial use.

Material About the Public Involvement Process:

1)  Phase One - "Education and Develop Evaluation Criteria"

Citizens Study Group Meeting (September 2, 2009)

Public Meetings


Meeting Notes Summarizing Participant Input

Feedback Summary Regarding the Meeting

2)  Phase Two - Generate Options (January 2010)

Water Workshop (1/19/2010) - An important event in the WRP process designed for the public and stakeholders to learn more about the options generally available for the District to use water it has been granted rights to, or otherwise stands to lose.

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Presentations

Input Form 

Summary of Feedback on Workshop January 19, 2010


Additional Public Meeting (2/01/10, at Humboldt Area Foundation) - For those who were not able to attend Workshop to provide input. 

Input gathered at January 19th, 2010 Workshop and Feb. 1, 2010 Public Meeting

3)  Phase Three - Evaluate Options

Citizens Study Group Meeting (April 27, 2010)

Public Meetings

  • McKinleyville     Tues, June 1st   6-8:30 pm @ Azalea Hall
  • Arcata                Thurs, June 3rd  6-8:30 pm @D Street Neighborhood Center
  • Eureka                Tues, June 15     6-8:30 pm @Wharfinger Building


Water Use Options

Feedback Summary from the three meetings on options for water use

Participant Feedback from three June 2010 Meetings 

4)  Phase Four - Update on Options (2013-2014)

WRP Final Update Report December 2013 


Public Input Form:  Although the intial community-based Water Resources Planning process, Advisory Committee Report, and draft Implementation Plan have been completed, we are still accepting any ideas regarding using or selling water (which is now available given closure of the pulp mills).  Please provide your input by filling out the input form and faxing it to 707-443-5731 (attn wrp) or by emailing it to wrpinput@hbmwd.com.  Click on the icon below to access the input form

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Water Workshop presentations available here