1 MG Reservoir Roof Replacement and Painting


The Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District’s 1-million-gallon domestic reservoir at their Turbidity Reduction Facility near Arcata, CA will have some work done. The work consists of  replacing and painting the roof, including support beams, as well as sandblasting and painting the interior of the tank, and painting the exterior of the tank (spot prepping where required).

HBMWD 1-MG Reservoir Complete Specs-Issue for Bid.pdfHBMWD 1-MG Tank Issue for Bid Full Set_full-size.pdfHBMWD Addendum No 1 for 1-MG Reservoir Roof Replacement PaintingHBMWD Addendum No 2 for 1-MG Reservoir Roof Replacement Painting.pdfAdForBids.pdf