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Ruth Fire Information


August Complex burns at Ruth Lake 9/27/2020
August Complex Fire burns at Ruth Lake 9/27/2020 - Mike McMillan US Forest Service

This page contains the latest information we have regarding the August Complex fire that is affecting the Ruth Lake area. We will update this page as we get new information. For Ruth Lake Lease Lot holders, although Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District owns the property, Ruth Lake Community Services District, (707) 574-6332, manages all the lease lots. Questions should be directed to them (once the evaucation orders have been lifted and their employees can return to work). See links at side of the page for additional information. You may also call HBMWD General Manager John Friedenbach at 707-443-5018.

FIRE RECOVERY - Preliminary

Lost Structures:  

  1. Contact your private insurance to initiate a claim. 
  2. Coordinate debris removal with Trinity County OES/CalOES/FEMA/HBMWD and your insurance.
  3. Structure debris may include Hazardous Waste.  Proper removal & disposal must be used.
  4. HBMWD is contacting Trinity County Environmental Health & FEMA for available options 
  5. Contact RLCSD to initiate lease lot improvement process for reconstuction.
  6. Obtain necessary building permits from Trinity County. 

Vegetation restoration:

  1. HBMWD will be dealing with burned trees and is planning re-vegetation. 
  2. Coordinate with HBMWD and RLCSD.
  3. Maintain defensible space around primary structure. 


Fire at Ruth Lake 2020
Fire on Ruth Lake (photo from Cal Fire)