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District Logo- What It Stands For

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King Neptune, The God of Water is the dominant figure in the seal, denoting  the prudent adminstration and internal government of the District.

The opposing  triangles hierogryphically respresenting  the hour glass denotes the timeless flow of water as the lifestream of the community.  Being also a representation of the Greek delta and signifying first to change in directions of correction and upgrade.  The intersections of imaginary lines represent the four points of the compass representative of the attention given to the various sectors of the community of service. 

Blue being a symbol of purity and strictness denotes the purity of water that is strived for. 

The moon and shaded sky represent the unceasing vigilance directed to the protection of water quality.

The valve represents the many facets of control and the double arrow  the unliimited direction of distribution. 

The circumscribing white circle represents the prudence of the authority of the governing board as white is the product of all of the rays of the solar spectrum.  It is also representative of the unshaded vision apparent in embracing constructive thought and progress. 

The orange circle is a symbol of sovereignty and authority and remind us of our responsibility to the people we serve. 

The outer circle being gold  is also a symbol of authority and the black circle reminds us of the limits of our authority and the ever presence of authorities which are above our own and through which our authority is limited.