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Retail Water Services

Your water service could be supplied by several different agencies .

The Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District (HBMWD) serves approximately 200 retail customers. The properties served are generally in the unincorporated area outside the city limits of the City of Arcata (i.e. West End Road and Warren Creek Roads), some areas located in the Arcata bottoms and areas on the Samoa Peninsula south of the Manila CSD (i.e. the Towns of Fairhaven and Samoa.) View Service Area Map for details. 

Below is a listing of other water suppliers that provide water service in the Humboldt Bay Region and their general service areas. Additionally, many properties are served by wells or small water systems.

City of Arcata
736 F Street
Arcata, CA 95 521
(707) 822-5951
Website: http://www.
General service area: City of Arcata, Jacoby Creek area

City of Eureka
531 K Street
Eureka, CA 95 501
(707) 441-4119
Website: http://www. ci. eureka.
General service area: City of Eureka 

Humboldt CSD
5055 Walnut Drive
Eureka CA 95 503
(707) 443-4339
Website: http://www.
General service area: Unincorporated areas outside the city limits of the City of Eureka (Cutten, College of the Redwoods, Fields Landing, King Salmon,) 

City of Blue Lake
111 Greenwood Blvd
Blue Lake, CA 95 525
(707) 668-5655
Website: http://bluelake. 
General service area: City of Blue Lake 

Fieldbrook Glendale CSD
c/o Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District (contracts to provide maintenance and billing for system)
828 Seventh Street
Eureka CA 95 501
(707) 443-5018
General service area: Fieldbrook, east of McKinleyville and Arcata, West of City of Blue Lake 

Manila CSD
1901 Park Street
Arcata, CA 95 521
(707) 444-3803
Website: http://www. 
General service area: Manila, Samoa Peninsula South of City of Arcata, Samoa Peninsula West of City of Eureka 

McKinleyville CSD
1656 Sutter Road
McKinleyville, CA 95 519
(707 839-3251
Website: http://www.
General service area: McKinleyille, North of City of Arcata