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Mission and Goals

District Mission

Reliably deliver high quality drinking water to the communities and customers we serve in the greater Humboldt Bay Area at a reasonable cost; reliably deliver untreated water to our wholesale industrial customer(s) at a reasonable cost;  and protect the environment of the Mad River watershed to preserve water rights, water supply and water quality interests of the District. 

District Goals

The following goals will directly support achievement of the District’s mission. The goals are all important in supporting the District’s mission and are not necessarily in order of priority. 

1. Safety and Public Health 

  • Employ safe work practices to ensure worker and public safety at all times. Strive for no on-the-job reportable injuries each year.
  • Operate the regional water system in accordance with state and federal safe drinking water laws and regulations at all times to protect public health. 

2. Financial  

  • Perform work in a cost conscience manner at all times to ensure the lowest possible rates to our customers, consistent with the public health, service and reliability goals of the District. 
  • Plan activities and projects for the subsequent year during the annual budget process. Manage activities and projects consistent with the approved budget.

3. System Operation and Maintenance  

  • Maintain and upgrade the regional water system to ensure it reliably supplies and delivers water in accordance with the needs of our customers.
  • Employ preventative maintenance practices to preserve the infrastructure in good working order for as long as possible, but also invest in infrastructure upgrades/improvements when it makes financial and operational sense to do so. 

4. Customer Service  

  • Understand, and then meet, the communities’ water supply needs.
  • Work collaboratively with our wholesale customers on commercial and operational matters of importance relating to our water supply and/or the regional water system. 

5. Future Positioning  

  • The regional water system has reliably served the water supply needs of the Humboldt Bay area for over 60 years. Develop a long-term infrastructure plan (both capital and maintenance) to ensure the regional water system can reliably serve our community for the next 60 years. 
  • Work diligently to protect the District’s water supply resource – both quality and quantity - by ensuring local control of our water rights and protection of the watershed. 
  • Attract and retain qualified employees to carry out all aspects of the District’s business. Promote training and professional development of our employees, and support them in carrying out their duties for the District. 
  • Work with regulatory agencies to: 1) ensure the necessary permits for District operations and maintenance activities are issued in a timely, cost effective manner, and 2) promote longer-term regulatory stability and certainty for the District.
  • In light of climate changes which are occurring, as well as California's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (pursuant to Assembly Bill 32), evaluate and support initiatives or projects that reduce the District's greenhouse gas emissions, consistent with the District's mission and core business.