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The HBMWD operates two separate and distinct water systems: a domestic water system which supplies treated drinking water; and an industrial system which supplies untreated raw water to large industrial users for industrial purposes.

Current facilities and operations of the HBMWD include:

  • R. W. Matthews Dam which forms Ruth Reservoir in southern Trinity County
  • Gosselin Hydro-Electric Power House at Matthews Dam
  • Diversion, pumping and control facilities adjacent to the Mad River near Essex at the John R. Winzler Operations and Control Center
  • Storage and treatment facilities
  • Two separate and distinct pipeline systems which deliver treated drinking water or untreated raw water to the HBMWD's customers.

Wholesale Water Services

Drinking Water

The HBMWD supplies treated drinking water on a wholesale basis to seven municipal agencies in the greater Humboldt Bay region. Those customers are: 

HBMWD works very closely with its seven wholesale municipal customers. We value our relationship with them. A strong partnership between HBMWD and its municipal customers is necessary to ensure delivery of a reliable supply of safe drinking water for the communities we collectively serve.

Industrial Water

HBMWD has the capacity to supply untreated, raw water to industrial customer(s) located on the Samoa Peninsula, west of Humboldt Bay, for industrial purposes. The delivery capability of HBMWD's industrial water system is 60 million gallons per day (MGD). For many years, HBMWD had long-term contracts in place with two pulp mills for the entire 60 MGD of capacity. Although the pulp mills have ceased operation, the Industrial Water delivery system remains available to supply new customers.

For additional information about water availability, contact HBMWD's General Manager at (707)443-5018 or email.

For information about the Humboldt Bay harbor or port, contact the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation & Conservation District 

For information about business or development opportunities in or around Humboldt Bay, you may contact: