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Park 1 and Park 4                                                 


Recreational Facilities

The District maintains two day use areas on lands adjacent to the Mad River for public access and use. These areas are open during daylight hours and closed at sunset. These areas are referred to as Park 1 which is located on West End Road and Park 4, located on Warren Creek Road. Areas of the Parks are available for group events with specific conditions, including insurance requirements and use fee. 

Below is a general description of the day use areas:

Park 1- located on West End Road  

  • Includes river access, limited parking, picnic tables, horseshoe pits, BBQ, and one unisex restroom.

Park 4 - located on Warren Creek Road

  • Includes river access, limited parking, picnic tables, and one unisex restroom. 
  • A disc golf course is operated and maintained under an agreement with Par Infinity Disc Golf with certain restrictions.

To reserve the day use areas: Call the main office at 707-443-5018