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Retail Accounts


HBMWD's retail water services are governed by its Retail Ordinance 13 which establishes rates, rules and regulations. 

Ordinance 13Appendix A - Discontinuation of Water Service PolicyAppendix B - Fee Schedule Relating to Residential Water ServiceAppendix C - Retail Water Service Billing Adjustment Policy

To Initiate Retail Service: Please download the Application for Water Service

Application for Water Service

Please read and complete the Application for Water Service (Humboldt Bay only). Return the application with the one-time, non-refundable processing fee of $30 to:

  • HBMWD 
  • 828 Seventh Street
  • Eureka CA 95501-1114

You may submit the Application for Water Service by fax to (707) 443-5731, however, service will not be started until the processing fee has been paid. All information on the Application for Water Service must be completed, and the form signed and dated. Applications with missing information will not be processed. 

Once the application has been received and the processing fee has been paid, we will endeavor to start service the following business day, excluding weekends and holidays. 

Meter Readings

Water meters are read each month. The meters are read approximately the same time each month. This usually occurs during the 3rd week of the month. Please make sure your water meter is accessible. 

How to Read Your Meter/Detect a Leak

Monthly Billings

You will receive a postcard bill. The bill is due upon receipt. You may also elect to receive your water bills online via email.  

Pay Your Bills Online

Link to Xpress Bill Pay

 Click here to set up online bill pay

Past Due Accounts

A bill is past due if payment is not received within 20 days from the postmark date. If payment has not been received before the next month's billing cycle, the previous balance is past due. A past due notice will be mailed. This notice will indicate the shutoff date due to non payment. If this past due balance is not paid before the shutoff date, the service will be shutoff. To restore service the past due balance and a $25 service charge must be paid. We will endeavor to restore service the following business day, excluding weekends and holidays.

Discontinuing Service

Call the HBMWD Eureka office (707-443-5018) to discontinue service. Please have the account number, service address, date service is to be discontinued and forwarding address ready. We will endeavor to discontinue service the following business day, excluding weekends and holidays.

Privacy Policy

HBMWD recognizes the need for the privacy and protection of personal information. HBMWD does not release customer’s personal information to outside agencies or companies except as needed in the collection of bad debt account process.